Conference 2009 - more photos online now

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Conference 2009 - more photos online now

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UOAA has set up a SmugMug website where you can see all the conference photos that were taken by our photographer - and it also links to the video he made.

You can see any photo, purchase a print or merchandise with the photo on it (like a T-shirt, mousepad, etc) or you can share the memories by emailing photos to yourself or a friend. Even encourage someone else in your support group to attend the next conference!

If you were there and took photos of your own, we will also be setting up a gallery for photos taken by attendees. Cell-phone photos, sadly, are not high-enough resolution, but camera photos can be sent to me. Click on the email icon and let me know you have photos to send, and I'll reply so you have my direct access email.

Happy viewing!
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