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time allowed for posting

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I attempted this morning a lengthy detailed concise posting. Asking for information, guidance, and assistance. Instead, I greeted with the UOAA's web page determining that my new topic was unacceptable because I was to slow in presentation. It is doubtful that I will again try a pointed or lengthy post. I do not understand the time restraints placed on the UOAA's web page. I feel the time restraint forces a fast and poor exchange of ideas. It limits the quality of the posts and limits the quality of the participants. Tim
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Re: time allowed for posting

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Howdy Tim,

Please see the earlier "Trouble Posting" thread in this Help Using Discussion Board area at http://www.uoaa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13190 As explained there, the board software automatically logs you out after an hour of "inactivity." And while you're composing a message, you aren't actually communicating with the board software, so it thinks you're "inactive." However, there are many possible work-arounds, as I explained in my reply in that earlier thread.
Bob Baumel, UOAA discussion board administrator
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