Wonderful trip to Grand Cayman - no problems

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Wonderful trip to Grand Cayman - no problems

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We received permission to post this, from the person who took this trip to Grand Cayman recently. We appreciate the candor, and the willingness of this person to be an 'ambassador' for getting out there and living!

Wanted to tell you how wonderful the vacation was. The food was great, the weather was good, and the laid back lifestyle was wonderful. All in all it was good, I'd recommend it. I find as I get older, the dryer heat in other places is fantastic for both my body and my soul. Missed all the snow storms back home, yeah!!!

Customs staff in GC stopped me because I had a sharp pointed scissors in my carry-on. I did have a doctor's slip with me and they were very good about it. In speaking with a higher-up officer (I wasn't going to let them confiscate my scissors), he recommended me to acquire a more round edged scissors for future plane travel. The pair I have is from when I had my surgery.

I find everyone leaves me alone when I show them my bag (by stretching my pants top more open) -- they REALLY back off. It's one of the things I really don't mind doing, I'm a pretty open person (and I didn't want them to confiscate...). I was also educating many people standing around watching. It opened discussions further in line.

In the U.S. I found it depended on how busy it was to meet flight times as to how much time they would spend on checking we passengers out. On the return flight from FL to home, they hardly blinked at us. It was just in GC they questioned me. It's a crazy world out there, isn't it?
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