Announcing an ostomy discussion board for Canada

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Announcing an ostomy discussion board for Canada

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UOAC Discussion Board
UOAC Discussion Board Goes Live to the World!
By Peter Folk and John Molnar
Following approval by the Board of Directors of the United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. (UOAC), a discussion board has been launched as part of UOAC’s website A discussion board (known also by other names, including forum, message board, or online forum) is a general term for any online ‘bulletin board’ where you can leave messages and expect to see responses to them. Or you can just read the board. Many organizations offer discussion boards so that users can share and discuss information.
For people with ostomies, there have been various discussion boards available, but never one specifically targeted to Canadians. Our website lists several of these.
To join the discussion board go to, click on the Social Networking button on the left side, then click on the discussion forum. Alternatively, you can log on to the discussion board directly by opening your internet browser, and use the address The board is divided into various topics. Begin by reading the Discussion Board Rules. Then go to any forum and read what others have posted.
If you want to participate in the forums (other than reading), you will need to register. Click on ‘Register’ and fill out the required information. You will need to create a user name and password and you will be asked to enter your email address; however, your email address will not be distributed to third parties or be visible on the forum. Once the administrator approves your registration (normally within 24 hours) you will be notified by email. You can then go to the discussion board and login using the user name and password that you previously created.
The most popular forum is the General Ostomy Forum. Navigate to that forum to start reading the various topics. If you find a topic that you want to address, just click on the ‘Post Reply’ button. This will give you an area to start typing your reply. When you have finished, click on ‘Preview’ to check your post, make changes if you wish, then click ‘Submit’ to post your reply. If you want to start a new topic, click on ‘New Topic’ and follow the same procedure.
Each forum will have at least one moderator. If your topic would be best suited to another forum, the moderator will move it to the appropriate forum. The moderator also has the responsibility” to edit or remove postings which are not appropriate. (Refer to ‘Discussion Board Rules’ if you are unsure if a posting is appropriate).
Your administrators and moderators will be available, on a volunteer basis, by Private Message (PM) for anyone who needs assistance, or has any questions or concerns about the forum. Please remember that they are volunteers, and are not at their computers 24 hours per day.
The discussion board is a family board, suitable for all ages, intended to be a way to gain support and learn from fellow ostomates, It is not intended to be a question and answer forum for medical information (see Disclaimer), though we do invite health care professionals to join.
We invite everyone to visit our new discussion board and join in the conversation!
Peter is chair of the UOAC website committee and John is a committee member.
Peter Folk
Past President, Ostomy Canada Society
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Re: Announcing an ostomy discussion board for Canada

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Congratulations on the new forums.
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