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Very slow or unavailable Board

Post by Mara »

Is it just me or is the Board either unavailable or achingly slow the past two days? Reminds me of dial up internet service....
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Re: Very slow or unavailable Board

Post by Bob Webtech »

Dear Mara,

Our webserver suffered a serious hardware failure on Wednesday (this affected the whole UOAA website, not just the discussion board). Our hosting company is very aware of the problem, and they're working hard to migrate our website (along with about 50 other sites) to new hardware. While that process is ongoing, they're running our site from a backup server. Unfortunately, this backup server is heavily loaded, which explains why our site is going down frequently, and is behaving slowly during periods while it's up. I don't know how long it will take until they complete migration to the new hardware.

One thing I can assure you: In spite of the hardware failure suffered by our server, every message that's been posted on this discussion board (during any period while it's been up) is still on the board; i.e., there hasn't been any loss of data in the discussion board. This is because the discussion board's database is actually on a different server, which wasn't affected by the hardware failure.
Bob Baumel, UOAA discussion board administrator
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