irritated skin

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jarid francis
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irritated skin

Post by jarid francis »

i just had an ileostomy put in on 06/30/2014 so im pretty new to the whole ostomy thing. im using a basic one piece drainable pouch with a clip from hollister. im changing my pouch every 2-3 days. each time i change my pouch i notice the skin around my stoma is getting more irritated and more irritated and more red and now it stings. it seems as if its just irritated from the adhesive skin barrier and tape and not so much of the drainage getting under the skin barrier. is this because im new and my skin is still sensitive to taking skin barriers on and off when i change my pouch? or is it because im possibly allergic to the adhesive? im using barrier film wipes and stoma powder and seems like its not working? any suggestions on how to get rid of this redness and irritated skin? thanks
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Re: irritated skin

Post by mystery »

Sorry you seem to be having this! I would try to contact other manufacturers and see if they will send you samples for free (they do - Charles in TX often posts the list frequently in the main forums). It sounds to me like you are allergic to the Hollister adhesive. I was originally allergic to Hollister paste, changed to barrier rings, and then was allergic to the whole setup a year later. I switched to Coloplast products and am doing very well. No skin issues now.

Also, just an FYI: the General forum gets more views than the Young Adult forum, in general. I just happened to stop by the forums and found this while browsing...sorry to see nobody got back to you sooner. We have no age limits on the forums...everyone is welcome to post where the topic fits best. :)


Take care,
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