Pain around the colostomy attachment

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Pain around the colostomy attachment

Post by Dave-Mead »

My colostomy is reversible. I have stage three Prostate cancer and I had a complete prostectomy on Mar 4th 2014. The problem I am having is that the stoma is bulging and I cut a hole of 1 3/4 inch in diameter to apply the colostomy attachment (barrier) for the colostomy bag. It's a tight fit and I have pain around the stoma. I use sisisors to cut the opening in the barrier. The barrier edges around the stoma are raged. Do you feel that this is why I am having so much pain?
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Mike ET
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Re: Pain around the colostomy attachment

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Ideally, the opening of the wafer or barrier should be large enough to not touch any part of the stoma and to not have too much skin exposed to any of the stomal output. In short, it is better to be a bit too big or loose than a bit too tight or snug with the wafer opening.

If the stoma is bulging more-so now than when you first had it created it may suggest that the stoma is at an early stage of enlarging or prolapsing. As long as the stoma is functioning well, not turning a darker or paler color than normal and it is not becoming increasingly painful then I would hope that the wafer re-sizing will correct for the current complaints you noted.

If discomfort persists in spite of modifying the wafer size then see you local WOCN or surgeon.

Mike ET
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