IBD (UC or Crohn's) and Lupus???

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IBD (UC or Crohn's) and Lupus???

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I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has both a diagnosis of either UC or Crohn's as well as Lupus? I am now 42, I had a total colectomy at 32, ileostomy and j-pouch for last 9+ years. I have been on Cipro for just about 9 years to keep pouchitis in check. Over the course of the years I have developed some minor/occasional head tremors and mouth movements. Over the last year I have seen some fairly significant weight gain (regardless of diet and exercise), fatigue and somewhat depressive type symptoms. I am also noticing water retention (especially in my legs and feet (not severe) and I had an unexplained blood clot in my leg back in December. I just recently had blood work done and my doctor said I had some "borderline" findings which are usually ignored. Three factors were significantly high Protein C, DRVVT and DRVC and I am also Vitamin B, D and calcium deficient. If any of you either have this dual diagnosis, are knowledgable about the different forms of lupus, or have had similar symptoms develop, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Brian Berkowitz
Total Colectomy w/Ileo May '06
J-Pouch Jan '07
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