New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

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New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

Post by trackrunner123 »

Hi everyone, I'm a new ileostomate, dealt with colitis for about five years before having to get everything removed because my intestine detached and wrapped itself around my spleen and kidney :/. Happy as I am to be without the pain of a chronic illness, sometimes when I'm with my friends (understanding though they may be) I just wish I knew people in my area (that were around my age) with ostomies!

I just turned 20 a few days ago, it seems there really isn't anybody around this area like me (my ostomy is permanent). I'd hope to see that I'm wrong and just looking in the wrong places :D :D :D
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Re: New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

Post by MJ94 »

Hey, I'm Michael! I'm a new ostomate as of this summer due to the loss of about 18 feet of small intestine. My intestine likely wrapped around some adhesions and died. Darn thing. I'm 19, and I've been looking to talk to someone in a similar position. I have plenty of friends with IBD and the like, but I seem to be the only one with an ostomy. The kicker is that my bowel used to be totally fine! Although, I do have Cerebral Palsy and am in a wheelchair. Hopefully we can talk sometime!
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Re: New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

Post by Roonie »

24/f here, just got my surgery 2 weeks ago. it should be reversible in about 3 months, though. i've had chronic stomachaches since i was about 13 and had no idea what was causing them till i went to the emergency room and they discovered i had a volvulus (large intestine wrapped around itself 2x). so they took out about 2 ft of large intestine and now i have a temporary colostomy till it heals and they can reattach. my dad actually had a similar problem 10 years ago... small intestine was tied in knots so badly that about 7 ft became gangrenous and had to be removed. so maybe it was congenital? we don't know.
it's good to meet other young people with ostomies... i feel really alone in it. if anyone wants to talk, feel free to send me a message!
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Re: New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

Post by AS1989 »

Hey there!
This is my first post here ever. I will be having a permanent ileostomy (tpc) done Nov. 25th. After dealing with this since I was 15, now 24 I am ready. I have been through all the medicine options except trials, but I'll talk about that on my own posts but I wanted to say Hi since I saw your post and hopefully we can discuss stuff. I am so nervous, but know this will hopefully improve my quality of life.
Hope to hear from you! Take care.
Total proctocolectomy November 2013!!! :)
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Re: New Ostomate, Looking for People like me

Post by jj91 »

Hi all, got my ostomy two months ago...I'm feeling isolated as well living and going to school in Pittsburgh...feel free to reach out anytime....Contact me using link at right

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