Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Ostomy Support Group (Eastern Iowa)

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Carol in IA
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Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Ostomy Support Group (Eastern Iowa)

Post by Carol in IA »

The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa Area Ostomy Support Group has recently affiliated with the UOAA. We've got a great base of about 20 regular members, and close to 80 on our mailing list. Many of our members have had their ostomies 10, 20 or even 30 years and more, and find it hard to be as active as they once were. We're looking to revitalize our group, and re-establish our visitor program. We are actively seeking additional members. We need YOU!

We're planning regular meetings with round table discussions, product information and guest speakers. WOC nurses will be in attendance to answer questions and provide expertise. Membership is open to anyone in Eastern Iowa. Meetings are held at area Hospitals and occasionally area restaurants.

For more information, to find out when the next meeting is, or to receive a copy of our "Short Circuit" newsletter, please email me.
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Support group

Post by GloriaCR »

I am interested in the support group. I live in Cedar Rapids and had an Illiostamy this fall.

I didn't have any time to prepare. I went in for what we assumed was another intestinal blockage. Nothing they did helped. I kept getting worse, got down 5% chance of living so they decided to do exploratory surgery. They discovered a large part of my small intestines was necrotic, dead and rotting inside me.

I woke up in intensive care, excruciating pain watching a nurse pull long bloody peaces of gauze out of my abdomen and no memory of going to the hospital let alone surgery discussions and what was going on.

When the nurse would not stop when I started yelling at her I tried to stop her. That got my hands tied down and she went right on with the dressing change on my incision area with out any pain medication.

When they wouldn't untie my hands and kept doing dressing changes I throw a temper tantrum and started kicking my feet against the mattress and yelling at them. That got moon boots on my feet, padding that fits on your feet to protect them.

Dressing changes 3 times a day for a week and a half with out any pain med's.

I was out of intensive care for 4 days before anyone explained what had happened and that I actually had to ask for the pain med's to get any. The hospitals definition of PRN med's did not count crying, yelling, screaming, and threatening them if they didn't stop a request for pain med's


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Re: Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Ostomy Support Group (Eastern Iowa)

Post by RJD66 »

Would like information, meeting info, and newsletters please.

Thanks Bob
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Bob Webtech
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Re: Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Ostomy Support Group (Eastern Iowa)

Post by Bob Webtech »

This group has a website at http://www.iowaostomy.org so you can get a lot of information about them there. Also note that you can get some information about any of our Affiliated Support Groups by using our ASG Finder at http://www.ostomy.org/Find_a_Support_Group.html and you can also reach that page by following the "Support Groups" link in the header of this discussion board. In addition, we have a page that lists the ASGs with websites at http://www.ostomy.org/ASGs_with_Websites.html
Bob Baumel, UOAA discussion board administrator
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Re: Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Ostomy Support Group (Eastern Iowa)

Post by EIAGroup171 »

Bob - did you get the information you were looking for? I am the coordinator of the group here in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City and want to make sure you found what you needed. Please let me know if you need assistance. I can add you to the newsletters but need an email address to do so.

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