Ileostomy Surgery

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Ileostomy Surgery

Post by childress1993 »

I'm going to be getting the surgery here in the next few weeks. I am nervous. i have looked up what the surgery involves, however, I don't know anyone that has had this particular surgery. How have people that know you have it reacted? I'm worried about becoming an outcast like i was in highschool for just being in a wheelchair. I don't want to go through that pain again. what can i do to show people that I'm no different from them? How do i approach explaining to people that ask me about it?
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Re: Ileostomy Surgery

Post by doreejill61 »

If you don't say anything people will never know you have one.
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Diane C
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Re: Ileostomy Surgery

Post by Diane C »

I'm no longer a young adult but piping up anyway. Have you had your surgery yet? Everyone is concerned about surgery and how it will affect them. This website lists support groups in your area. You may want to contact one near you or go to a meeting before -- or after your surgery. I have been so impressed by the younger ostomates and it'd be great for you to communicate with them. There's no reason to explain your ostomy to anyone unless you want to. It's nothing to be ashamed of -- it will make your life easier. But you can discuss it at support groups with others or up here. I'm wishing you good luck and hoping you're not overcome by worry!

Diane C.
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