colostomy of a year

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colostomy of a year

Post by Devmortez1975 »

hi all. I'm new to this board. anyways I had a colostomy about 14 months ago. even though it's reversible I am reluctant as I had complications to my breathing problems during the surgery as they had trouble getting the tube down my throat. as I am battling to get much of this weight off as possible, I am putting off a take down surgery for prolly a year now. I'd like to take off 80 lbs.
I joined this board to hopefully find out other experiences and to share mine. I'm here to answer questions to new ostomates and to get a few answered of my own.
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Re: colostomy of a year

Post by BillV »

I had an entirely different surgery than yours (BCIR –continent internal pouch), but part of my experience might be helpful to you. My surgeon placed a gastrostomy tube in my stomach rather than use an NG tube that was problematic for you after your last surgery. This tube was an 18 french Foley catheter that is hooked up to suction just like an NG tube and then easily removed when your surgeon says it is “time”. It worked very well for me. I suggest that you discuss this option with your surgeon. Best of luck to you.
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