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VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by gator45 »

My husband had a rocky first year adjusting to the osotomy & finding supplies that worked for him. He is almost year 3 post surgery and through some trial & error has found supplies that he can manage. He would like to utilize his VA benefits to help defray the cost but is concerned about possible restrictions regarding product. Does anyone have current experience with the VA regarding supplies?
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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by Sandywr »

my friend goes through the VA (she was in the service during vietnam) and all the supplies she needs are free to her, she used Tricare because she is 100% disabled also. She has no restrictions on her supplies. I actually have ChampVA because my husband is 100% disabled thru Vietnam and my insurance pays for everything after my deductible of $50.00 - definitely check it out. Just give it a try.
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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by hawkada »

I've had all my treatment at the VA&lucked into ostomy supplies that suit me fine. I use a two piece colostomy bag/wafer. These are both free. And they arrive UPS within 2 weeks of my re-order. I do purchase my own stomahesive, babywipes& for odor control I use mouthwash&Just trying out na scent. I am fortunate to use the Lebanon, Pa VA.
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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by theresamcd1956 »

Hi All,
I'm just new to this site; however, have been an Ostomy patient for 30+ years (Crohns Disease). I see from reading some of the posts that the VA is able to help in providing the supplies for Ostomy patients. I have recently changed my pouch style due to another surgery and I have a generous supply of Convatec One-Piece Drainable pouches that I would be happy to give to any Vet or anyone you may know that is in need of them.
Take care all.
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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by Jimbob »

Hello Theresa;

Thank you for offering your supplies for someone who needs them.

Let me suggest that you first click on the link below to possible find a support group near you. Most of our Affiliated Support Groups maintain a cabinet of donated supplies to give to people in need. When you type in your zip code you will see the four support groups nearest to you. if you just call or Email the information provided they might be able to help you.

Also we recommend friends of Ostomates worldwide who will take donations. Plus takes donations and redistributes for the cost of shipping.

Again thank you for your generosity and good luck.

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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by pdxvettony »

You might have to buy some of your own supplies, just in case. At least, get plenty of free samples from various vendors. Read my recent post: Less than optimum ulcer treatment.
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Re: Odor control etc.

Post by Bill Roche »

Shame on me. I don't come to this site often enough. I have learned a few things over the past 9 years of having an Ostomy, and I will share with you two of the ones that come to mind. #1. For odor control. I for some reason, do not have a lot of odor most of the time, but when I do I simply put a eyedropper full of Hydrogen Peroxide (about a teaspoon) into my pouch after dumping it. The next time prior to dumping I gently squash & try to mix the contents, It works wonderfully for me. The reason? Mixing H.Peroxide causes it to 'oxygenate' killing the odor spores. I mean no smell.
None. All of this for about $1.00 per quart or about 190 teaspoons. The last time I mentioned peroxide as a deodorant on this site I got roasted. 'They' say It's dangerous, it will hurt your stoma, It's this, it's that, and all of that is 'bologna' . On change day, following the advise of my Dermatologist I wash the peristomal skin with peroxide while in the shower, then I rinse it well and when I'm out dry it thoroughly. I am quite sure it is one of the reasons why I now get longer ware times. 5 or 6 days up from 1 to 3 days.
2. For black disposal bags. Check out ebay, for 'Pouch disposal bags'.
I hope I was helpful to someone.
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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by viewdc2051 »

In Feb 2017 I had an ileostomy that is Service Connected, and although I use TriCare, I decided to make an appointment with a Primary Care Physician at the VA - I couldn't be more pleased. The doctor put me in contact with the WOC nurse and I've been receiving ALL my supplies through VA - all at no cost. Additionally, I communicate with my doctor via secure email on - I couldn't be more satisfied. As far as ordering supplies, I use the Edgepark catalog and let the WOC nurse know my supply requirements - and then I'm able to reorder and track deliveries via But here is the real life-changer: VA covered the cost of my Stomaplex belt - this device is true blessing - I found this device during pre-surgical research and ordered about 6 weeks post surgery, once my stoma's size reduced. I opted for "VA Group 2," which comes with 3 guards and belts - I can tighten my belt as snug as I like right over the stoma, which is completely protected by the guard. Here's the Veteran's portion of the site: but be sure to check out the short videos that describe the guard - I really don't know how I'd get by without this device - I work in an office setting with a professional dress code - even without a jacket, no one would know I have an ostomy unless I told them.

At any rate, I just found this site tonight and thought I'd pass along my tremendous experience obtaining ostomy supplies through the VA - and the true professionalism of the VA medical folks I've dealt with - 5 Stars - absolutely top notch service.

If this helps one fellow Veteran, it was more than worth my time!

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Re: VA Ostomy Supplies

Post by Nomadic »

This website has been a God-send. I am 2 weeks post ostomy and am currently still active duty. I am not sure that this status is consistent with continuing active duty but will follow the discussions to further my self-edification. Thank you.
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