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help please

Post by imtired1971 »

hi. i dont know if this is where i should post. when i irrigate, the first break through.. i have to massage my stomache.. not always .. but most of the time. it is the normal color of brown. i do not infuse the whole bag at once.. i break it up into 3 different times. it takes me a while to irrigate due to this.. but it works better. after i infuse the last bit, and it finally comes out... it appears to be much much darker...almost black. and then i see tiny bits that float to the side of the toilet . also, it is 'greasy" like when it comes out, and i have to push really hard on my stomache for it to come . not sure if i have more scar tissue binding/ another blockage waiting to happen. i can sometimes get by 3 days before having to irrigate. thanks.
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Re: help please

Post by ot dave »

I don't see a question here, but if you're having trouble with getting the output after the infusion, maybe try infusing more water. I infuse the entire 1500cc before I remove the cone. How warm is your water. When I have had to use cooler water in the past, the irrigation session is far less effective, and it takes much longer. I use water warm enough that I can tolerate it on the back of my hand. You can burn your colon, so don't use really hot water, but very warm water works better for me. You shouldn't have to massage your stomach to have output. Peristalsis occurs on its own. Sounds like you might look into getting a stool softener to make output a little less thick so that it can exit easier. Check with your doctor on that first however. Let us know if you have a specific question...

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Re: help please

Post by steiconi »

Not irrigating for three days may be part of the problem; the older feces dries out and gets harder to expel. It would probably block water coming in, so you couldn't infuse as much at a time.

The fresher poop might be darker because it has more moisture.

You might try irrigating daily for a while and see if that changes your experience.

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