Open Hartman's Procedure Reversal

For discussing ostomies that are intended to be temporary, and the reversal/takedown of such ostomies.
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Open Hartman's Procedure Reversal

Post by mlmiller25 »

66 y/o female, emergency colectomy October 2019, ruptured diverticula of colon after 6 years of diverticulitis "management". Lost 12+ inches of my sigmoid colon. I can now officially be called a "bag lady". Learned to accept and manage my colostomy (my red headed alien) till I went back to work after 12 weeks and the stoma site began to herniate. Prior to that I was doing so well that I WAS NOT planning to have it reversed. 10 months post op & 6 months since return to work at 50+ hour a week desk job, herniation is now 6 X 7 inches in diameter and protrudes 2 + inches. Looks like 1/2 a large grapefruit under my stoma. Uncomfortable & unsightly! I now have a new wardrobe to hide it and an assortment of compression garments to support it. Physicians tell me that having the colostomy reversed is the best option versus having just the hernia repaired.

Big decision - should I have the open Hartman's reversal procedure? Original surgery was not my decision, this one is all on me and I am terrified of the potential complications which could be worse than what I am dealing with now and lifelong, not to mention the statistics on morbidity from this procedure. Post op, and post return to work, I am again overweight and out of shape. I was actually more fit 12 weeks post op than I am now as I had all that free time to walk and be active during the day versus chained to my stressful, long hours desk job. Add to that the current COVID resurgence in most of the US, I am afraid if I wait we will again have all elective procedures cancelled. My surgeon is wonderful and supportive and rather optimistic about the outcome (after mentioning the small incidence of the need for a temporary ileostomy!) No plans for any pre-surgical CT scans or eval of if there is adequate bowel for a successful reconnect that I have read some did. Oh my, I really need some objective opinions and feedback to help me make this decision that I am struggling with. Your thoughts appreciated..
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Re: Open Hartman's Procedure Reversal

Post by JD52958 »

I feel your pain I won’t go into my story but I ended up going to Philadelphia to a top surgeon and lots of prayers.
I think if you have a good surgeon and he’s confident of doing that procedure I would get it done. Not sure what state your in but in NJ Covid was really bad and I had to wait awhile until they opened up elective surgeries. I’m so I have no answers but I will be praying for you
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