Insurance coverage

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Insurance coverage

Post by Dee1 »

Good day ostomates,
I had Ostomy Surgery in June 2020. I have been irrigating for a month now. It’s a total game changer, my life is so much better with this daily routine. With this being said, my insurance doesn’t cover any cost for the equipment. I am working with my insurance company as well as my doctor. Still at square one. What am I missing here? Irrigating is far less expensive for insurance. It’s better for the earth, it’s better for the doctors, and most important it give me some quality of life not to mention dignity! Any help would be fantastic! Thank you!
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ot dave
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Re: Insurance coverage

Post by ot dave »

Hi Dee,

Wish I could help you with the insurance issue. Mine has always covered irrigation supplies. Irrigation is a game changer for myself as well. If I ever got to the point that insurance didn't cover the irrigation supplies, I would still pay out of pocket for them. The beauty of the irrigation supplies is that they last a really long least for me anyway. I know I get at least a years worth of use out of every irrigation bag that I've ever had, and then some. I've been irrigating for over ten years, and I think I've only ordered like 7 or 8 during that time. The sleeves are a different story however. I've had some last several months, and some just a couple of days(which is rare), but usually 3-4 months is the average use of a sleeve for me. Hopefully you can find a solution.

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Re: Insurance coverage

Post by steiconi »

I was amazed to see the Medicare allowances for irrigation supplies. One sleeve per week, 4 kits per year.

But to the original topic...
Call up the manufacturer of your supplies and ask about insurance coding. They may be able to help you communicate numerically with your insurance company.

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