irrigation cones

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irrigation cones

Post by lisa3171 »

Has anyone had a chance to compare the cones from Hollister, Coloplast, & Convatec? I was wondering if there is much of a difference & if you prefer one over the others for any reason? I have been irrigating for 16 months & have only used the one from Hollister so far. Thanks!
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ot dave
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Re: irrigation cones

Post by ot dave »

I've never used anything but what Hollister has sent me. It worked for me, so I've stuck with it.... 10 years now!

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Re: irrigation cones

Post by steiconi »

I've only used convatec irrigation bags and cones; I read their bags are better quality than many; mine last pretty much forever.

I've used hollister sleeves, don't like the twist tie top.

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Re: irrigation cones

Post by darick »

I've been using Convatec ones for years. Every so often, they get worn out/nasty and I replace them. One time they were out of stock and back ordered, so I ended up getting a Coloplast one to fill the gap. The Coloplast one just did not work for me. The design of it didn't give enough gravity/push to successful infuse like I could with the Convatec. I was so happy to go back to Convatec ASAP after that. That's all I've got from my experiences.
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Re: irrigation cones

Post by Pupuce »

For me the best cone is COLOPLAST - I tried others but found them too rigid and too long; COLOPLAST Cône is shorter, more supple. lAlso FOR ME the best sleeves are CONVATEC's - the opening is round, simpler to put in place than the square ones, and the quality of the plastic far far superior to all the others I've tried ( BBRAUN, COLOPLAST, HOLLISTER) it is very supple and soft.
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