Reversal update from January

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Reversal update from January

Post by David »

For those who read my previous post I was able to obtain the Pittsburgh Butt Paste and it is pretty good.

After 6 months and one week I am pleased to report that I have healed in the butt area and using the simethicone, as stated, has worked well with no gas or very limited, the cholestyramine has worked well enough that I even returned to my part time job where I am on my feet and constantly moving for a solid 4 hours. I do always bring my emergency bag with me as a precautionary measure. I have even missed some of the above doses and did fine with a little extra gas as the only result. But I will be on guard and cautious for some time and watch for the warning signs.

I have stayed on the low fat diet and it has worked great! Even cheated with some dairy and had an egg yesterday for first time without any side effects! This sounds gross but remember when I mentioned colors of poop in my last post? It is now totally normal brown! And a little less odor so my wife as not left me! It also means I am limiting my fat intake adequately. I have found that using the free subscription of MyFitnessPal wonderful for continued diet control. At first it is cumbersome, but I have been instructed by surgeon that I cannot gain any weight in my ab area. I have lost about 16 additional pounds and controlling caloric, fat, and protein intake daily. Also only having a bowel movement 1 to 2 times daily versus 8 to 10! This was major in my mind, as well as, healing that area.

My only news that disturbed me was the fact that my ab muscles were just too tight and I not only had bio-mesh inserted in the lower ab area but the upper area could only be sutured skin to skin. This means all the extreme exercising I previously participated in is gone. I miss getting down and doing 100 push ups and riding my stationary bike to extreme. I must wear an elastic binder for the rest of my days as a safety valve. I still stay very active with outside work, but cautious cannot lift over 25 lbs which limits what I can do at home and work. But I have several other interests especially great grandchildren and wife to keep me quite busy, reading and spending more time on computer; even re-starting the guitar!

I am alive thank you Jesus!
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Re: Reversal update from January

Post by sassie »

Congrats David, Thanks for the update and I'm sure that news will help others..

God Bless,Sassie
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