my takedown experience

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my takedown experience

Post by sassie »

I had my take down Sept 25 at 7 am.. with what the surgeon found when he opened me up did not make him happy but he did a awesome job,he found a tumor at the bottom of my stomach so had to remove that and take part of my stomach also, then had to remove my right ovary and remove my colon as it had died and that he said was why i never could poop in 18 months plus he sewed up my hernia.

DR. said to my daughter you mom is going to be saying she made a huge mistake but in 8 months she will be happy!!!

During the surgery I Had a Stroke and lost the use of my left side "the entire surgery took a little over 7 hours"which was to long for me to be under but i got released today 10-2-19, yes i need a walker to not fall down

I'M so happy to be home Dr. is wrong i will get moble very fast...
I pooped normal today"YAH"it felt wonderful....
Hernia is gone...
I can tell when i need to poop and it is painless....
i'm happy about it all and it just will take time,, i got time and all will be well..

DR will be surprised at how well i will do ,No regrets i am happy it was done ,Dr said it was the longest surgery he had ever done to do a take down and hoped He never had to do one again like ...

A nurse will come in for a week to dress the stoma opening ..
PT will come in as well i really do not need them i know how to walk but will give that a shot in case..

Just wanted to share my takedown..

Bottom line i feel better all ready and I am a happy camper......sassie
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Re: my takedown experience

Post by sskszek »

Thank you for sharing a positive outlook. I am having reversal surgery next week and am scared the recovery will be an awful experience with continual diarrhea.
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