Reversal Advice for overthinker!!!

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Reversal Advice for overthinker!!!

Post by Lila__ »

Hi! I am sure this topic has been addressed endlessly, but I am hoping for some advice...

I am 35 years old and have been living with UC for about 5 years. After years of failed attempts to control my UC with medicine and diet changes, I had my entire colon removed and currently have an ileostomy. I am 3 months post op as of today. My reversal surgery is being scheduled for the end of July/beginning of August of this year. Of course like numerous other people, my ileostomy journey has had its challenges. I have had great bouts of dehydration, pain, depression, severe fatigue and significant weight loss etc.

After reading/researching I have found what I'm hoping are helpful tips for the reversal surgery...
-Stock up on desitin, gas reliever, immodium, soft wipes, diapers.
-Possibly find an attachable bidet for our toilet.
-Follow a "BRAT" diet, keeping in mind that the J-pouch is small to begin with and will eventually stretch more over time.
-Uncontrollable BM's that will eventually lessen over time
...Oh, and of course to expect loads of pain!

I felt very unprepared going into and coming out of my first surgery, so am really trying to soak in as much info as I can for the reversal.
I would love to hear any advice, expectations and/or personal stories. I am very grateful for any insight, as I am hoping this helps ease some of my worry/anxiety with my journey ahead! Thank you!

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