Surgeon/Hospital Recommendations?

For discussing ostomies that are intended to be temporary, and the reversal/takedown of such ostomies.
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Surgeon/Hospital Recommendations?

Post by CassK »

Hello all,

I’ve had an ileostomy for many years and am now considering having a takedown and reversal surgery. I’m hoping folks can offer some recommendations regarding surgeons/hospitals to perform the procedure. I’m in the Midwest but, fortunately, my insurance will cover surgery throughout the country. I’d be very, very grateful for any suggestions. Are there any surgeons/hospitals that are especially good at performing takedowns? Are there any that I should definitely stay away from? Thanks very much.
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Re: Surgeon/Hospital Recommendations?

Post by Valinthria »

Hello, im an rnfa at a hospital in okc. I would reccomend dr baradi, dr ellis, dr buendia, or dr baker. Dr baradi did my surgery and ive worked with the other 3. I havent had my takedown yet.
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