Air in ostomy bah

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JoAnne Staley
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Air in ostomy bah

Post by JoAnne Staley »

I keep getting air in my bag. How do I stop that?
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ot dave
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Re: Air in ostomy bah

Post by ot dave »

See my post on the general ostomy forum....
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Re: Air in ostomy bah

Post by wrinky »

I had the same issue and switched to a bag that has a built in filter or air release.
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Re: Air in ostomy bah

Post by SteveInNH »

For the first 6 weeks I had my ileostomy bag I was on a 1100ml fluid restriction because I was considered a high output patient. Because of the low fluid restriction I only chewed on ice. I did not have any issues with air at that time, just high output usually, something over 2L a day. When they increased my fluid intake to 1800ml I started using a straw to drink (1800ml yippy). I immediately started having issues with air to a point where I had to set my alarm for once an hour during the night to release the air...exploding ostomy bag! I was still in rehab and discussed it with my ostomy nurse and she knew what the problem was. Drinking with a straw was bringing air into my intestine. For me, not using a straw solved my problem with air. Never a problem again for the next 8 months until reversal.

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Re: Air in ostomy bah

Post by Davidov »

My wound care nurse introduced me to Coloplast bags while I was in recovery, following my emergency colectomy which left me with a stoma. The Sensura Mio is supposed to be Coloplast's most popular bag and features a small charcoal vent which not only allows the bag to not fill with gas, but also does a damn fine job of inhibiting unpleasant odors associated with gas. I haven't used any other bags and have no interest to do so. The only caveat is that, if you do experience frequent liquid or loose stools, the filter CAN get clogged with waste if the bag isn't positioned in an ideal location. In such cases, the bag will fill with air, not unlike a pool float, lol. That happened to me for about two days, during the first week I was home from my surgery. Since then, I adapted the way I cut the adhesive wafer on the bag, so that the hole for my stoma is offset in a way that prevents waste from ever getting near the vent, even in my sleep.
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