Ileostomy stoma with waste piled on it

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Ileostomy stoma with waste piled on it

Post by Dmac »

What does one do when stoma is covered with food waste?
I have an ileostomy with short bowel syndrome and there seems no way to stop this accumulation. Also, I don’t have a colon—just what is left of short bowel. Thanks!
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Re: Ileostomy stoma with waste piled on it

Post by steiconi »

You can rinse it off. Hop in the shower, or use a bottle of water and slosh it around in the pouch, or add a bidet sprayer to your toilet and rinse with that. ... /301729647

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Re: Ileostomy stoma with waste piled on it

Post by Mysticobra »

I know the waste may bother some.
I have an end ileo.
It's always there. I leave it be. I don't do anything with it.
It would be a never ending job if I focus on a clean stoma.
It doesn't bother it to have waste on it.
Only time it gets clean is when I do a change.
I find if you get to rough sloshing or spraying water may break the seal I have
But you can rinse it that way.
I also wear opague bags. Can't see it. I know what's there. I don't need to see it
Good luck..
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Re: Ileostomy stoma with waste piled on it

Post by Lerbus »

I have worked with an ileostomate who’s output caked on and around the stoma and actually prevented new output to fall into the bag. The output was way too thick. We decided she needed to drink LOTS more. She tried to drink 100% pure grape juice. If that wasn’t enough She put a couple of small bottles of water then gently swished it around and emptied in the toilet. There is no need to keep the stoma clean in the day. You will clean it on change day.

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