Ileostomy rectal mucus question?

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Ileostomy rectal mucus question?

Post by ThatFLguy »

Sorry for the TMI but, How much is enough to need to worry about?

I suffered from bowel/bladder incontinence before this ileostomy due to muscle and nerve damage.

Tonight I pasted a fist-size amount of mucus into my protective brief.

I have passed small amounts before and hard mucus blobs rectally since surgery but never this much.

Also, there was a very bad odor to it.

I thought my bag had leaked but then checked my brief and was shocked at how much mucus came out.

I will be calling my ostomy nurse tomorrow as well but was hoping that someone here could let me know if this is something I should freak out over.

Trying not to stress or get anxious over everything going on.
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Re: Ileostomy rectal mucus question?

Post by steiconi »

It's pretty common, discussion here viewtopic.php?p=228474&hilit=diversion+colitis#p228474

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