Nigh time leakage - urostomy

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Nigh time leakage - urostomy

Post by Slempert »

Hello, new member here.

I am going on 14 months with my urostomy. I use the Coloplast one piece pouch system, and change it every 3-4 days. I have been experiencing bag failures at night, I use a night bag, sleep on my left side and try to not crush the bag while sleeping. I have tried to limit fluids after 7-8 pm, the night bag is slightly elevated off the floor, I drain the pouch before connecting night bag so as to reduce the chance of a vacuum forming.

I have had 3 failures this past week alone. I will wake to an overly full pouch that hasn't drained into the nigh bag. Not sure if I am experiencing mucus blockage as I take Prilosec every day to prevent over producing mucus in the conduit. We did just hear about a Dale Band, I expect it today and will try it tonight. I am curious, are there any other precautions I can try? I have resorted to setting an alarm for 1 to 1.5 hours just to alert me to see if my pouch has drained into the night bag.

Thank you,
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Re: Nigh time leakage - urostomy

Post by Userwuro »

I have been using a night drainage bag for my urostomy for a couple of years now, and currently I'm managing without leaks. I use the ConvaTec two piece system, and for the night drainage I use Urocare 4100, which I place on the floor. It has a long tube about 5 ft. I connect the tube when my bag is about 1/3 full, then open the valve and it will create some vacuum which I think help to drain rather than accumulating in the bag. I run the tube in between my thighs and then under the right thigh. The bottle sits on the right side of the bed on floor. I make sure the tube has enough extra length near my waist area so that it won't become tight when I move. I place a towel underneath my thigh covering the tube so that the tube doesn't tough my skin. This is working out rather well for me. Hope this helps.
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Re: Nigh time leakage - urostomy

Post by Jenbritish »

Hi Scott,

I, too, have been having issues with night time leakage. One think I started doing is to empty my pouch about 30 minutes before bed. Then when I attach my "Conveen Security+ Urinary Drainage Bag 2,000 mL" I have some output to start the drainage process and I know it's working when I'm going to bed. I also do many of the things Userwuro recommended - long tubing; put the drainage bag in a small garbage can (like the bathroom size) next to the bed and put the tubing between my thighs and under my right leg. I think that one issue I run into is equipment failure. I live in Texas and I think I really need to watch that my supplies are not getting too hot in this Texas heat. I've had two pouches fail during the night and one was because it wasn't draining and the side seam split some. My surgery was 6/29/21 so I'm just coming up on my 1st year anniversary.

Good luck with working through this. I'm finding that most of my answers are coming through trial and error.
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Re: Nigh time leakage - urostomy

Post by Bradj »

In my opinion: never hook up the night bag to an empty bag. Have your bag at least 1/3 of the way full, hook the up the night bad and make sure it flows before going to sleeep. Without the initial pee in the bag, the vacuum effect (what I call it anyway) doesn’t start.
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