When it rains... Life update.

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When it rains... Life update.

Post by ThatFLguy »

Life has had a lot of ups and downs over this month. First, I have to wait until September to see my Doctor again and set up the next surgery. And murphy showed up and decided that I needed yet another thing to make my life crazy. That would be an issue with the transmission of my car. So now I am stuck getting rides. My car does run but only goes 35mph as the transmission does not shift. So I can drive it to my local store as it is only a block away and the speed limit in town is only 25mph anyway but makes getting to the doctor hard.

Also, a lot of my past issues are now back and worse/just as bad as they were before surgery. My bladder is worse than before. I still have my bowel and I have been having bad spasms in the muscles that I have nerve damage in. So I still need protection in the form of a diaper and now have an ostomy to deal with as well. Some things have been getting better but others make me wish that we had just done the big surgery and got it over with. I really hope to get it done before the end of the year but with holidays at that time, it will be hard.

The biggest issue with this ileostomy is that I lack energy a lot of the time, have trouble sleeping, and have to stay really hydrated (which messes with my bladder a lot)So I am just getting by one day at a time.
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Re: When it rains... Life update.

Post by sabresfan18 »


Keep hanging in there. The first couple of months are really difficult and a lot of the struggles you're having aren't uncommon. It doesn't get perfect, but I PROMISE it gets easier and better. My inbox is open if you need an open ear; I'm sorry you're having general life trouble on top of significant medical issues.

Be well.

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