Hysterectomy after kock pouch

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Hysterectomy after kock pouch

Post by Flemmart »

I'm facing a hysterectomy and have had no problems with interbating or continence in over 25 years. But, my scopes and mris show my valve has moved but by the grace of God I have had zero probs.

I am worried that by removing my uterus and ovaries it will disrupt the location of the pouch and valve. I understand there is no guareentee but just wondering if any members had a hysterectomy after their Kock pouch. And if so if all went ok.

My gyno will ask my colorectal surgeon and urologic surgeon to be there during surgery.

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Re: Hysterectomy after kock pouch

Post by squid56 »

I had a total hysterectomy after having my Indiana pouch for many years. My uro was on stand by should the need arise while I was in surgery. I was lucky in that they were able to do the whole thing vaginally and after wards had no problems with the rearrangement of my insides. Hope the same holds true for you.Judith
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Re: Hysterectomy after kock pouch

Post by Strmdg »

Hi, I have an Indiana pouch and am needing to have a hysterectomy. I am worried about my pouch moving (or being moved) to get out uterus. Has anyone had this situation. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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