Looking for Alternative Pants to Wear

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Looking for Alternative Pants to Wear

Post by ArmyVet1975 »

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for alternative pants to wear. I'm currently wearing the same button fly jeans I was wearing prior to my colostomy surgery. Although I now wear them unbuttoned at the top with suspenders and t-shirts that cover it all. This works most of the time but sitting or driving cuts off free flow of gas and waste to the lower half of the bag. As we all know that can cause an unexpected rupture of the adhesive on the gasket. Messy and embarrassing.
During my radiation treatments I wore sweatpants with an elastic waistband. I was able to pull the sweats above the bag and wore a t-shirt to cover sans suspenders. This extremely comfortable and did not restrict free flow. Unfortunately sweats are not appropriate for all occasions.
I've looked at elastic waistband jeans but because the crotch is not stretchy like sweats I'm afraid trying to pull the waistband above the bag would be restrictive of my junk. I'm also apprehensive to buy larger size jeans because they would have a big saggy ass and legs and generally ill-fitting.
Anybody have any ideas, comments, suggestions, criticisms?
Thank you.
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Re: Looking for Alternative Pants to Wear

Post by Mysticobra »

All I can say is I wear Levi's low rise jeans.
I've worn Levi's since I was 16. I'm in my late 60's now.
I used to wear boot cut 517's. Ride to high now.
I wear 527's now. The ride lower... Can't give up my Levi's.
Around the house. I just wear decent looking loose banded pants.
Jeans when I go somewhere.
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