Anyone else in their 20s?

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Anyone else in their 20s?

Post by nicollo4 »

Most of the supports groups I've seen are people in their 40s+, nothing wrong with that, but it's a bit harder to relate to people who are in a different stage in their lives. I was hoping to find a local support group, whether it's online or in person, or at least others around my age who had similar experiences, I'm 20 btw.
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Re: Anyone else in their 20s?

Post by cptrushh »

Hey Man!...Ma'am? I can't tell from your username lol. I'm Chris and i'm 22 and it's a struggle out here, but doesn't mean we are alone. I'm searching for one as well so i'm in the same boat. Honestly from what I've seen there are a couple facebook groups, but I mostly use reddit when I need to know something, or just to feel better that there are other people like us out there. Hopefully I'll get some information soon and ill drop it here. In the meantime, if you wanna just wanna talk at all, about anything or everything ostomy, im here! I haven't had it long, but i'm 22 and I know it can feel kinda lonely at times.
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