Getting a!

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Getting a!

Post by jznurse2 »

Hello! I am going to be getting a K-pouch in a couple months. I am trying to learn as much as I can! Can anyone tell me about diet? I am a fruit/veggie/grains and nuts fan and I know this will change (again). I had a loop ileostomy closed since Feb., and now need something else.
Obviously, my food loves will be a thing of the past, just seeing how much!
Thanks in advance for the input! :)
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To Dream a Dream
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Re: Getting a!

Post by To Dream a Dream »

Welcome to our Discussion Board. I've had a permanent ileostomy for many years with a surgically shortened small bowel & have found that cautious trial & moderation has helped me to eat some of the foods you mention. Due to multiple extensive resections, I have ongoing problems with adhesions which can cause partial obstructions. The UOAA official website contains a wealth of information to help you adjust to new eating habits & also recognize signs of bowel blockage. Here is a helpful link: ... 022-02.pdf And another: ... r-surgery/
This link may address some questions you might have about your surgical procedure: ... of-ostomy/
And please continue to visit our Board for further input from our members.
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Re: Getting a!

Post by JimFrank »

Late congratulations on getting a Kock's Pouch. I'm late I know, but suspect you have become accustomed to it by now and are putting on pounds.

I have just gotten my Kock's pouch back after 3 and 1/2 years of an ostomy bag. I am wondering if you have figured out what to eat (minus nuts, popcorn etc) to gain the weight you lost. When I had the Kock's pouch before I was eating about everything, which unfortunately caused a tremendous blockage after 28 years. I am now try to gain back the 35 pounds I lost from having the ostomy bag with the short bowel.If you or anyone out there have any ideas I would really like to hear them.
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