Hello from Autodraw!!

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Hello from Autodraw!!

Post by autodraw »

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It's been years since I was active here but I still think fondly of all of you and this site. It was my lifeline for a long time. I recently needed to look up the address to recommend the site in general to a newby and saw that my password still worked so thought I'd say hi. :) I am a REALLY old lady now (72) but going strong and in very good health. I still irrigate and thank my lucky stars every day that irrigation came my way so long ago.

So hello to my old aquaintances and hello to the new ones as well. I hope you are all in good health and have been well since I last checked in.


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Re: Hello from Autodraw!!

Post by Mara »

How lovely to see you post!! Glad all is going well with you!! I am older than you...lol....and my ostomy is no problem at all...I do have a few other health issues though but basically all are being taken care of......
Take care!!
Ileostomy due to UC - 50 odd years
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Re: Hello from Autodraw!!

Post by lolapergola »

Hi Auto , I remember you ! glad you are still doing ok .Am 68 now and still using the Braun Irypump to irrigate but they no longer make them now .Hope you are back to stay !
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