Decline in Convatec's Products and Service

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Re: Decline in Convatec's Products and Service

Post by danilynn »

I restarted with Convatec maybe 3(?) years ago after Coloplast discontinued the wafer and pouch I used for a decade. I'm now using a moldable one-piece and it works well enough, though it's definitely made of a thinner material than the Coloplast products I was used to. My main issue with the Convatec pouches is that more than once the velcro (or velcro-like) closure only has one side of the velcro attached. It hasn't happened enough to call and complain about but it's annoying if I don't notice it till the new pouch is on. I've taken to keeping a few binder clips in my changing area in case I need them.

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Re: Decline in Convatec's Products and Service

Post by Mara »

I don't usually have anything much to complain about until

When I returned from my recent trip I noticed that a few (five) of my Eakin Seals had sort of melted or deformed. So I took a photo and emailed Convatec. A nurse called me and we had a long discussion and she said she would send me replacements. I received two Eakin seals yesterday. When I called today, I was told I would have to speak to a nurse again to get more. Of course, I can't be bothered with that but the point is a real lack of customer service on the part of Convatec, in my opinion....
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