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Rules for this Forum

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Welcome to the "Beyond the Pouch Topics" forum.* This is the place for all to talk about the things that happen in your life that are not ostomy related. There may be things in here that some don't want to read, and there may be some jokes. If you choose not to be a part of this side of the board, you are welcome to go to the General Ostomy forum and read the posts there; it is very informational.
Within this forum, we welcome you to tell us about you. Tell us about your life, your day, how things are going. Tell us about your family, a day out, a night out........basically your life. The fun stuff.
There really is no "topic" in here. Tell us what you want. But, please do be mindful of the guidelines and that there are many diversities that do read the board, including young and old.
So, keep it clean and fun. But, most of all: smile, laugh, and be light at heart.

In addition to our overall discussion board rules, the following rules apply in this forum:

1. Jokes are welcomed, but must be kept clean and without vulgarity or they will be removed. No political intonation or religion bashing will be tolerated.
2. The moderators have the final judgement call in the editing or removal of a post. It is not to be discussed by members of the board on open forum. Members can feel free to PM a moderator if something is offensive to them and it will be looked at.
3. NO flaming or arguing will be allowed or tolerated.
4. Politics and religion are off limits, as they are throughout our board. All are entitled to their beliefs and views and this is not the place to judge or promote such views.

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* This forum was originally called "Lighter Side of Life" when created on April 23, 2007. The name was changed to "Beyond the Pouch Topics" on Nov 16, 2007.