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Information on Using this Board (Please read!)

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Welcome to the UOAA General Ostomy Discussion Forum!

As with the rest of UOAA's website, this board is designed to be topical and, as UOAA's President Ken Aukett said in the first issue of UOAA's magazine The Phoenix, "worthy of consideration as the nation's foremost ostomy related website."

Before posting, please read our overall Discussion Board Terms and Conditions which apply to posting in any forum on this board.

The current "General" forum is, as its name implies, for general discussion regarding ostomies and similar diversionary surgeries or the medical conditions which may result in such surgeries. For various specific topics, you may find it more appropriate to post in one of our more specialized forums. We have forums devoted to Continent Diversions and Colostomy Irrigation, and also to particular demographic groups such as Teens, Parents and Young Adults. In two special cases, you should definitely post in other forums instead of this General forum. These are:

1. Postings that would be considered "off topic" in any of our forums devoted to ostomies or other diversionary surgeries, for example, chatting about everyday life events, jokes, etc. These should go in our Beyond the Pouch Topics forum.

2. Announcements about support group chat rooms, special events and online newsletters should be posted in our Support Group Announcements forum.

Postings which, in the opinion of Board Moderators, have been posted in the wrong forum, will be moved to the appropriate forum.

Thank you all for your respect and valuable information that you share with the thousands of ostomates who use this website every day in living their lives to the fullest!

Best wishes for health and happiness,

UOAA Administrators and Moderators