IOA and UOAA Collaborate on a Discussion Board

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Bob Webtech
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IOA and UOAA Collaborate on a Discussion Board

Post by Bob Webtech »

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We are excited to announce that the United Ostomy Associations of America’s Management Board of Directors has agreed to host an International Ostomy Association Forum on its Website.

This is a wonderful opportunity for IOA to collaborate with a member country to provide support to ostomates around the world. Although the forum will only be in English, it will be an added benefit to the services that both UOAA and IOA provide.

The IOA website will have a link to the other UOAA Discussion Boards. The target audiences for these other Boards includes parents, teens, young adults, those with a continent diversion, and, those who do or wish to learn about irrigation of an end colostomy. A separate section entitled International Ostomy World will be included so that those visiting the UOAA site can read about international ostomy issues. This post will include hyperlinks back to pages within the IOA website (for example: the association listings, Congress details, a sign-up page for "IOA Today"). IOA will be responsible for monitoring this portion of UOAA’s site.

At the beginning of the UOAA Discussion Board, a 'sticky' message about IOA will be posted at the top that all will see when they visit. This will alert visitors to the new international aspects of this site. In this way all web visitors can learn more about IOA - whether they originated within the UOAA or the IOA site.

IOA is most appreciative of the fact that UOAA has agreed to allow IOA a place on their Discussion Board.

We hope that this collaboration will benefit both organizations and we look forward to participating in a venture that will benefit ostomates wherever they may live.

Di Bracken                  Ken Aukett
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Post by Lynne »

Welcome to all former IOA Discussion Forum users ! We hope you will find whatever you are looking for here. Glad to have you join us.
Lynne, CDN Chair
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Steve S
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Post by Steve S »

I would like to welcome all our IOA friends to our site! Feel free to join any of our forums. We have very good and friendly folks here.
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Eric E
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Post by Eric E »

Welcome, IOA users! This is a great place for discussion. We have so many supportive and friendly people here. Please feel free to post!
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Post by LeeAnn »

Welcome, welcome, welcome. As with the others, I do hope that you find the board easy to maneuver and post on. Many have found it very informative and helpful.

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