Phoenix Irrigation Article

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Re: Phoenix Irrigation Article

Post by randyhenniger »

Great article! Thanks for posting the link and for sharing your experience as a seasoned irrigator! I did a short video for the YouTube generation which can be viewed at

I use a two piece system from Convatec and always use an ostomy belt to hold the irrigation sleeve in place. If I have a heavy outflow, I just fold the irrigation sleeve in half and slip the bottom end of the sleeve into the belt and that takes the weight off of the wafer. I've never had the Convatec seal leak or come loose in over 26 years of irrigating. Be sure your wafer to skin attachment is good, so you don't get any leakage under the wafer. My irrigation stools are very thin and liquidy and if I irrigate using a wafer I've had on for several days the wafer to skin connection may be compromised. However, I've recently started using Convatec's new mouldable wafer which fits comfortably and snugly to my stoma, I get much longer wear from the mouldable wafers, and absolutely no leakage under the wafer when I irrigate. It is important, however, to be sure to pull up the top, open end of the irrigation sleeve so that it is above the stoma, as I sometimes have a quick flowback out of the stoma while I'm trying to get the water to flow in. If I haven't pulled the top of the irrigation sleeve up so the cone is INSIDE the irrigation sleeve....well, you can imagine the mess. If that does happen, don't get upset, just finish up irrigating and remember to put an old towel under you in case of such an incident.

I am a very active ostomate and enjoy surfing, kayaking, biking, hiking and Bikram Hot Yoga. I could not enjoy these activities if not for the great technology and reliability of my ostomy products. I thought what I was using was good, but I've discovered something even better. The Convatec mouldable wafer technology really hugs nicely around my stoma, giving comfort and protection to my stoma during these activities. We all know how important stoma health and surrounding skin quality is to maintaining a normal life. My lesson here is that even after 26 years, there is always something new to learn and maybe something better, if I am willing to try.


Randy Henniger
26 year colon cancer survivor and ostomate
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Re: Phoenix Irrigation Article

Post by Nomadic »

Very well written and detailed. I appreciate the description of the risks and benefits as well as those that are not viable candidates. Thank you.
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