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Post by Peter_Saskatoon »

Announcing a new website for United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. (UOAC). The new website is still at URL and still contains all the useful information that you had in the past. We've added several new features and a new look. So come and visit our new site.

Want to join an email discussion list? Visit to join, or send a blank email to

I'm the new webmaster for so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! :lol:

Peter Folk
Peter Folk
Past President, Ostomy Canada Society
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Steve S
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Re: Canada

Post by Steve S »

Neither link will come up for your site for me. I see you have 4 Ws instead of three in your URL.
I will edit that if I can.

Now it works! Nice site.....
Ileostomy in 1990 for UC.
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