Selling or Swapping Ostomy items

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Selling or Swapping Ostomy items

Post by sandys »

Hi all --

I have seen people offering to give items away on this board but what about swapping or selling? Is there a rule against that or

is it possible that there might be a separate board for Selling/Swapping or giving away?
I would rather buy from someone who posts here rather than Ebay, but I also have a few items I would swap or give away.

Thanks ---
Sandy in Indiana

Ileostomy 1963 age almost 21
Remaining colon and rectum removed 1964
Fairly healthy ever since
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Re: Selling or Swapping Ostomy items

Post by LeeAnn »

Here on the Discussion Board, we advocate the donation of supplies, but discourage anyone selling supplies. You can ask for the cost of shipping to be reimbursed to you, but we don't allow members to 'sell' supplies on here. That is just a rule we have and many other Discussion Boards are the same with this.

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Re: Selling or Swapping Ostomy items

Post by Clever1 »

Even so there should be a Topic for just sorting supplies out to each other. For some people thats a big deal. Call it whatever you want.
And I agree I'd rather deal with like minded folk then track something down on Ebay or elsewhere.

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Re: Selling or Swapping Ostomy items

Post by wolfva »

There's also a legal issue, I think. Many people here get their supplies via insurance or government programs. I don't think it's legal for them to sell their supplies. I'm pretty sure if the FBI knock on Bob's door at 3am with a capeas of duceum tuetum or a search warrant requesting a user's information in regards to an investigation of insurance fraud, Bob would turn the info over asap. I could be wrong, maybe he'd slam the door in their face, grab his glock, and go out in a blaze of gunfire...I mean, he DOES sorta look like a pirate afterall......<ducking>.

I am sooooo gonna pay for that joke. I just know it. <sigh>
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