travelling the far east .

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travelling the far east .

Post by filthedriver »


My name is Phil and im about to head off on an overland trip from Istanbul to Kathmandu travelling thru Turkey, Iran, Pakistan , India and Finally Nepal . The whole trip will take about 7 weeks but then im going to stop and do some trekking around Nepal for a week or 2 because thats what you do. I have all ready travelled in North Africa and basically everywhere in Europe how ever this trip is just a bit more daunting.

Im just trying to find some contacts for that far east region by that I mean places where I can get bags but also people out that way who have bags as it would be cool to see or just hear how they deal with their situation. I have tried sending a few e.mails out to people whom claim to be out in that region from links from this web site but have not heard anything back and fact most e.mails just bounce back.

I have had my illesostomy bag for 9 years now and few travelling things daunt me but it would be nice to get some advice and contacts before I head off . In the future as this is with work I hope to do another similar trip maybe a London to Australia trip and would like some other people with bags to come for that journey to help raise awareness . That would be a commercial venture so I will use another medium when the times comes . Im hoping to have a blog up for this trip if anybody wants to keep tabs me but again im working my other job at the moment so havent much time to set that up . Watch this space

Any thoughts or opinions on travelling in general would be appreciated . I would love to see a travel forum set up for bags wearers one day to anybody keen ?



P.s I know about scissors on the plane , taking supplies in my hand luggage and also am aware about the water in that part of the world.
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Re: travelling the far east .

Post by LindaAukett UOAA Advocacy »

Sounds like fun, Phil !! Color me green with envy.

Please do check the International Ostomy Association website - their list of Regional Associations, particularly the Asian Region - for groups in many of the areas you will be going thru (Iran, apakistan, India and Nepal). . The IOA President is a resident of India - Harikesh Buch - you can communicate with him thru that website.

The manufacturers like Coloplast will be your best bet to find out whether you will find distributors along your route. Otherwise maybe you can organize mail drops to pick up in certain places you know you will be.

Please do let us know how things go, and how we can keep up with your travels.
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