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For discussing ostomies that are intended to be temporary, and the reversal/takedown of such ostomies.
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On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Bob Webtech »

Due to popular demand, we have created this forum for discussing temporary ostomies and the takedown/reversal of those ostomies. This will allow people with temporary ostomies to discuss issues unique to their situation in a location separate from those used by people with permanent ostomies. We also hope the presence of this forum will motivate people who have their ostomies successfully reversed to stay around and help others who still have their temporary ostomies.

It is important to understand that temporary ostomies are subject to many of the same issues as permanent ostomies. Therefore, people who have problems with a temporary ostomy should also look in our other forums, such as the General forum, as you may find the information you're looking for in one of these other forums.

It is also important to realize that temporary ostomies, like permanent ostomies, come in different types. For example, a colostomy is different than an ileostomy. See our definitions of ostomy types at http://www.uoaa.org/ostomy_info/whatis.shtml on this website. Make sure you know which kind of ostomy you have, and refer to it when posting questions.

The ability to reverse a temporary ostomy can vary according to the reason for the surgery, and how much (and what part) of your original "plumbing" you'll have left after the reversal, so these issues should also be referenced when appropriate.

As an extreme case, people who have certain "continent diversion" surgeries, most notably the "J-pouch," are often given a temporary ostomy while their continent diversion heals from the initial surgery. Following takedown of the temporary ostomy, they're left with a continent internal pouch, which is very different than their original plumbing. Most issues involving takedown of these temporary ostomies really involve functioning of the continent diversion (such as J-pouch), so may be better discussed in our Continent Diversion Forum instead of the present forum.

Best wishes to all users of this Temporary Ostomy forum and to users of all other forums on our board.

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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by dontneednostinkincolon »

Gee, isn't this a little discriminatory? Once an ostomate, always an ostomate, right? I'm a short-timer, poop chute being put back together in a few weeks, but that doesn't make me that different, does it? How many people with permanent ostomies have a reversal/takedown attempted? doesn't that make them the best people to ask? If anybody wants me to perform experiments with my stoma before my surgery can just ask. Just nothing life threatening please. Thanks.

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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by gofisch »

Hooray! And thanks for creating this forum for us. There are just some issues I don't want to discuss on the other boards--I don't think very many people can relate to having actual poop while having a loop ileostomy, for example. And how does one prep for a colonscopy when there is an ileostomy? And I'm guessing the others get a bit tired of "when should I have take down?" discussions...

I would have loved to see this forum long ago! I'm glad it is finally here.
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Teach58 »

Thank you for creating this forum! Although I am , THANKFULLY, going to loose this annoying appliance for good on the 23 of April, I had several questions and concerns that would probably more appropriately been addressed in this forum. Still, everyone has been so kind and helpful, and I learned some tips and was reassured more than once.

I was having so much trouble with irritated - well, RAW, bleeding skin around my stoma (loop ileostomy done Feb. 22 after a bout of diverticulitis that would not resolve without surgery) and was getting nowhere, even after three trips to the clinic/hospital for help from a nurse. FINALLY, I started changing everything every other day instead of trying to make it last 5-6 days or more (nurses thought that would be less irritation to my skin) and got some success. The poop was pooling as my stoma retracted into my belly and making it almost impossible to get a seal that would last more than a day or so. The acids were eating up my skin and even destroyed a wound drape one of the nurses tried in desperation.

Thanks again to all of you who tried to help me and were so sympathetic. My husband's battle with stage 3 lymphoma goes on, and we just trust that God will smooth out the bumps ahead of us both. Nancy/Teach in Ohio
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by redhead_1978 »

Good job, guys!
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Janaban »

Yep - great idea. I'll help anyway I can.

Suggestion - Maybe announce the presence of this forum on the general board? Some folks don't look or go to any other forum I think.
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Annabelle »

Thank you for creating this topic. I am new to this board and had surgery on March 26 with a temporary ileostomy. I have many questions and concerns and I wish to be able to have a site that I can go to. I'm too tired to write them now but I wanted to say thanks! Kim
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by JerseyDeb »

I think y'all just want to confuse me!

I had a temporary ileostomy.. had it reversed.. and had the reversal reversed.. I beat sepsis twice and lived to laugh about it.. and after spending months in the hospital.. over and over again.. don't even think I'm ready to try it again..

so.. my temporary was not temporary.. guess I'll stick around in both forums..
I've beat sepsis twice in one year and lived to laugh about it..
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Determinedgodys »

Personally, I really appreciate having this as part of this board. I have been a little off-put reading some of the posts about J-pouches on the regular board, but I also like this board better than J-pouch.org for several reasons. While I think J-pouchers have some issues that are very similar to perm ostomates (especially at the time they have their external appliance), I think that the reversal/reconnection issue changes a lot. If the J-pouch surgery is succesful (and most often it is), then we don't really have a lot of the same issues as perm ostomates do once we are sewn back together again and the J-pouch is fully functional. Of the three people I first spoke with who I knew had J-pouch surgery, only one of them is still on the boards, and she has no issues. I truly appreciate the space to be able to talk about this specific surgery and its challenges on this board.
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by charles_river »

Thanks for creating a new forum. Approximately half of all ostomies are "temporary" in objective. That is, the goal or purpose is to enhance surgical or medical recovery and therapeutic outcomes. Some fraction of these become "permanent" in that no medical "reversal" is performed. I prefer the word "reconnection" to "takedown" or "reversal". I believe re-connection is a better word since it mirrors the technical terminology: re-anastomosis. And reversal implies something close to the original condition which is rarely the case. But I understand the positive emotional resonance of "reversal". In my experience, nothing in life is reversible. C'est la vie.


Ana - stom(a) - osis - is an anatomical term with a Greek root common to the word we use a lot - stoma.
The prefix ana- is Latin, org. from Greek meaning on (e.g. on top of, touching) .
The suffix -osis is a Greek term meaning condition, action or formation.
So we get the literal reading - "condition of touching stomas".

Take care,
David(on the Charles River)Colostomy-cancer-12/07
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by BrownBagger »

Interesting semantic question. I prefer "stomacide" to some of the more conventional descriptions.

I always took "reverse ileostomy" to mean a reversal of the original operation, which was simply to divert the small bowel away from the colon. A "reversal" therefore refers to (essentially) reconnecting the small bowel to the colon--not anything that happens after that.

As you suggest, you can't get back what you've lost.
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by jessiecat »

Due to popular demand thanks for creating this forum as well as even though people have similiar issues it is different when your a candidate for a temporary and or a reversal verus living with a permanent ileo/colostomy for years, as it is important to encourage and be postive whether it works or not the reversal, for people are coming up on surgeries. Having gone thru 12 surgeries and sepsis, perfortations, hernia repairs, etc. I never lost hope due to the fact that my doctor told me she could safely reverse me and I believed her, and she did it. But if she told me I had to live with a permanent colostomy I could and would just as well and would go to the permanent general ostomy discussion site to deal with those issues. Having been on both sides of the board and now living without a bag, I am still here 3 years later to tell people that it can be done depending on your medical condition and circumstances. Good luck to all.
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Re: On Use of this Temporary Ostomy Forum

Post by Nnngasp »

Hi guys.. hoping there is some traffic here in hopes for many some support and maybe some guidance for a easier recovery.. a little about myself.. I am a 23 year old female, I was diagnosed with Meckel’s diverticulitis feb 2019 at age 21 & I had a surgery which removed roughly about 5-6ft of my small intestine which probably doesn’t sound so serious after reading all these posts but I was left with a loop ileostomy for about 2 months.. and after my reversal I had horrible diarrhea, but I’m currently 1 year and 6 months post op and I haven’t had any resolutions.. I was diagnosed with chronic diarrhea & I’m having horrible pains which has hindered my daily activities and I’m unable to sleep. My surgeon left me stranded, won’t answer my phone calls/texts, and every doctor I come across as told me that it’s all in my head and will go away within time.. I am severely dehydrated due to the fact that I have many bathroom trips.. on a good day it’s about 6-8x and on a bad day 12-15x (I cant drink water anymore) I’ve tried every anti diarrhea pill ranging from Immodium to even colestipol and they make me feel 1000x worse. I take tramadol for the pain 1x a day or sometimes 4x a day depending on my pain levels.

I’m sorry for the long post, just looking for answers,
Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to read my post, I wish everyone a safe and healthy recovery!
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