The FAQs according to Steven

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LindaAukett UOAA Advocacy
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The FAQs according to Steven

Post by LindaAukett UOAA Advocacy »

A comprehensive summary of Frequently Asked Questions is now available on our website using this link: Irrigation FAQ . Dedicated to friend and frequent poster Steve Maberry, he collaborated in the development of this FAQ with autodraw and mikem, and it was later reviewed by two WOC nurses. This is a great addition to the forum, capsulizing the combined wisdom and experience of posters here.

In addition to this and the Phoenix article also linked from the forum, please read as many other posts as possible to see and learn from the variety of thoughts and experiences of those who proudly call themselves "Gators"!
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by samrock »


Thank You so much for this informative summary.
Special thanks to Autodraw and Mike...
Steven, I know you can see us down here:

A face we love is missing
a voice we know is still
a place is vacant in all our hearts,
that only you could fill.
Tears in our eyes,
they wont go away,
we wish you were here with us today.
We know you never meant to hurt us
or make us cry.
Our love for you will always stay,
if only things didn't end this way.
But you've brought it to the final end,
we will always remember you as our friend.
We love you
Rest in paradise till we meet again...

Your irrigation family.
Rectal CA - Stage II
Permanent colostomy 03/06
Chemo-radiation 04/06
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by Jimbob »

I have Downloaded the FAQ's and given them to our support group Nurse sponsors.

Great testimony to a Great Man and a Great Friend.

I want to Thank Autodraw and MikeM for their hard work. and for their dedication of the finished product to Steven.

God bless you all....Jimbob
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by jonfromrenonv »

That is really well done. Bravo and Brava to the writers.
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by autodraw »

Thank you to my collaborators Mike and Stephen. We put this together over the course of several months last year or was it even longer ago than that? We each took a section and wrote our bits then debated, discussed, revised and went through the whole routine again. And again. And again. We must have taken up quite a bit of bandwidth in cyberspace for a while. As 'editor' -- translation: as the oldest and pushiest I volunteered myself as editor which my fellow collaborators tolerated with good grace. The first draft then had to be vetted by a panel of ET nurses who requested changes which were duly re-written, edited, revised etc or, in some cases, politely but doggedly refused. And at last it is up. I expect Stephen is nodding approval and still thinking of changes or additions.

Again, thank you to Mike for his persistence in seeing this through after the loss of Stephen, and to Linda Aukett for facilitating the posting. We hope all irrigators, new or experienced, will benefit.
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by bellesmom »

I have just one question.
Are there colostomates who Have to irrigate every day?
Or is this mostly a choice to irrigate?
I had my ostomy on Jan.6.
And I feel full and barely pass anything.
No appetite.
If a colostomate is backed up, how would the e.r. Drs. unblock you?
I think that's what's happened to me.
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Re: The FAQs according to Steven

Post by Mikem »

Hi Millie,

You should read the Irrigation article and FAQ which will answer many of your quesions.

Many if not most colostomates choose to irrigate everyday. It is always a choice to irrigate or have uncontrolled discharge to the appliance. Most irrigators strongly prefer not having appliances filling with waste or for some not even wearing appliances which is why we irrigate.

You are very soon after surgury to be looking at irrigation. You will need to wait till you are fully healed, probably no sooner then 6 weeks and usually much longer. Normally a minimum of 3 months. You will need the doctors prescription for your supplies.

Have you talked to an ET/WOCN? You need to do that to be guided through the process.

It normally takes several weeks to regain a full appetite so that is not unusual. With reduced intake your output will be less then normal until you recover from everything.

Since you are passing some it does not sound like you have a blockage. A blockage would result in severe pain, nausea and require a trip to emergency.

Make sure you are getting plenty of exercise (walking) in your recovery. That is one of the best ways to get back to normal.

Good Luck and speedy recovery.

Colostomy, A/P Feb 2006 for Stage 1 CRC
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