ASG Leaders - Join the ASG Leaders Discussion - Two steps

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ASG Leaders - Join the ASG Leaders Discussion - Two steps

Post by jmooren »


Are you a support group leader, officer, board member, volunteer? We have set up a discussion forum especially for leaders of our affiliated support groups, so that you can talk about issues that pertain to managing your group. Suggest ideas for programs, share tips for making meetings more attractive, get some feedback about why things don't seem to be going so well, or simply vent ... all with people who are doing the same jobs in nearly 300 other groups across the country.

ASG leaders will become part of a special "users group" who can start a topic thread, add posts to on-going discussions and read what others have to say. There can be more than one ASG leader per group in the user-group, so we hope you will encourage both present and likely future leaders to join as well.

It's a 2-step process, and you can take Step #1 right now, if you need to.

1. Register as a user of the UOAA Discussion Board. If you are not already registered, please click on , read and accept the terms, and complete requested information on the next page (including two tests that we use to discourage spammers and automated 'bot' registrations). You will receive verification of your registration within a few hours (up to 24 in a busy period).

Once registered, log-in to the discussion board and scroll down to the ASG Leaders Discussion forum. You will be able to see the ASG Leader Forum and read entries, but in order to post your own comments there you must take Step # 2 to become part of the ASG Users group.

2. Join the ASG User-group. Just click on one of the Moderator names and send a Private Message asking to be added. Once determined eligible, you will receive confirmation.

It might seem like a lot, but you do this just once to become part of the ASG leaders user-group - after that it's a matter of logging on just as you would to any site you visit regularly. We hope you WILL visit regularly and make this a valuable resource for yourself and others to share thoughts about keeping our affiliated support groups vital and effective.
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Re: ASG Leaders - Join the ASG Leaders Discussion - Two step

Post by Aney04 »

Please help me. I am new to this website and want to join a support group in my area but can't find anything. This website has helped me out wonders but I also think I should meet other people with ileostomies and hopefully there will be some around my age (24).
~Maria~ 25 yrs old
UC 98'
Ileoanal Anastomosis 06'
Per. Ileostomy 07'
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