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LindaAukett UOAA Advocacy
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Compliments of Jennifer Jaff at "Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness"

A great resource is the Prepared Patient Forum (1) , a project of the Center for Advancing Health (2) . There is a TON of information about how to find doctors, relating with doctors, organizing your health care, paying for your care -- and on and on. There appears to be a wealth of information here that's very similar to the kind of advice I give people every day. In particular, check out the Prepared Patient 411 (3), which provides resources and links for people looking for help, and the Be A Prepared Patient page (4), which helps to get the most out of your health care. So check it out and become a Prepared Patient today.

And here's a two-fer this month! One way to manage your care well is to keep good records. Well, here's the Care Organizer (5). It's a notebook that helps you organize and document your medical care. If you're having trouble keeping records on your own, check it out.

(1) ... UGatTrL3Y=

(2) ... GJT7r7WnI=

(3) ... HSnkb-AnnG

(4) ... p9M7BWC6A=

(5) ... 0OyFfqyEZW

Advocacy for Patients With Chronic Illness is at
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To Dream a Dream
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Post by To Dream a Dream »

hello Linda. 'Checked out their website & it appears to be a great resource. I'm not one to look back, 'if only . . .', but I certainly could have used such support now & then. Thanks for sharing.
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Post by Sm1200 »

Thanks so much for the information.
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