correcting misinformation in archived posts

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correcting misinformation in archived posts

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Some of the posts in the threads above give the incorrect info that nystatin is the same as miconazole nitrate. But there seems to be no way to post correction to this info. My dermatologist told me (earlier this week) that Nystatin only works for yeast infections, whereas miconazole nitrate works for fungal infections in general. In any case, although both Nystatin and Miconazole Nitrate are effective for yeast infections, they are NOT THE SAME. I understand that some of the info that I am giving in this post does not belong in this section, but how/where would I post this info?
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Re: correcting misinformation in archived posts

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If you find incorrect information in the Archives, notify a Moderator or Administrator (by private message or email) and ask if it can be fixed. There isn't any place you can post the information yourself. You might also notify the person who posted the incorrect information, if you think there's a chance they might post it again.

In this case, you are correct that Nystatin and Miconazole aren't the same thing. I've added notes at the bottom of the two archived posts that you called attention to.
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