Problem with this web site?????

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Problem with this web site?????

Post by smoki »

I have not been able to log on to this web site for 4 days. I just tried a different way and got on but very slowly. Anyone else having a problem?
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Re: Problem with this web site?????

Post by wsmrbob »


I am having the same problem. Took me 2 hours to get to the point I could write this!

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Re: Problem with this web site?????

Post by Aileen »

Everyone is having this problem - you can see by the lack of posts and responses. And if we do get the lucky oppoprtunity to log in, it is painfully slow. I am sure they will figure out the problem soon!

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Re: Problem with this web site?????

Post by Bob Webtech »

As I explained to Mara in a previous thread, the incident began on Wednesday, when our hosting web server suffered a hardware problem. The hosting company installed new hardware, but then required several days to get everything working because that server is shared by a lot of other websites besides ours. As it happened, their automated process to restore all websites on the new hardware failed when it came to our website (so you may have noticed strange results if you tried to access our site yesterday). Finally, in response to urgent requests I was sending them, they got our site running this morning. The issue appears to be resolved now.
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