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newbee here

Post by sgtmac66 »

Hello fellow vets! I recently had surgery(5 days ago) for colorectal cancer resulting in a permanent colostomy. I am retired from the USAF, Vietnam vet (dog handler 67-68). How is the VA at providing ostomy supplies? I have a service related disability rating of 50%, but not from anything related to my colorectal cancer. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this colostomy as to what is the best pouch etc.
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Re: newbee here

Post by afterburner1277 »

Hello sgtmac66,
I am currently awaiting to speak with my surgeon to have a Ileostomy performed soon at the Naval Hospital. I am retired Navy and have been afflicted with UC for 9 years now. It is now time to alleviate myself of this horrible problem as you well know. I am hoping that by now you have had the VA supply your ostomy supplies? Any information you can give me on brands they carry (or supply you with), how effective are those brands?, quantities they will let you have on hand etc. I would be greatly appreciated if you let me know.
I am at 70% disability now and I am researching that with just a collectomy/perm Ileostomy it warrants a 100% rating. I was told by a friend to apply asap for an 100% disability rate increase (temporary) before my op for 1-3 months then put in for permanent increase right after the surgery. Any information on how this all works would be great too if you can bud.
Thanks for YOUR service and may GOD Bless you with good health :!:
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