cant handle ileostomy

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To Good Health
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Re: cant handle ileostomy

Post by To Good Health »

Welcome to the group, Mandy and thank you for all that encouraging advice.
All the best,
Chemo/rad Mar 07
APR/ileo May 07
Perm colostomy 2009
Perforated colon Nov 2013
Roy B
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Re: cant handle ileostomy

Post by Roy B »

I want to thank you all for the great information you have posted here. My wife had this done in October 2019 and I had no idea of what I needed to do, what was right or wrong or what was "Normal". After reading here, I really feel much better and now know that the things we are experiencing are fairly normal. My Wife has also been very depressed by all of the things we have gone through and after reading here and talking to her, she also is feeling better. Many of the issues we have had were do to the things we were told to do by the folks at the hospital. Totally wrong instructions. It has taken me a large amount of time through trial and error figuring things out. I really don't think anyone that has never had one themselves can give advice. Everyone and every stoma is so different, it takes a lot of trying things to get to a place you can handle. Also, having folks like you all to say what we didn't know, so that we learn, that we are not alone. Thank you all again. Roy
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