VA Disability Rating

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VA Disability Rating

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I was mustered out of the Navy with UC and given a 30% rating by the Navy and the VA. 20+ yrs later, in 2004, I had a total colectomy. When I went to the VA for a rating review, they raised it to 60%.
Let me digress a moment. VA disability ratings are defined in Title 38 US Code of Federal Regulations, Book C. This is on line for your perusal. I started looking there and searched for the word "colostomy". The ONLY hit I got was under 7333 - Rectum and Anus, Stricture of, "Requiring Colostomy = 100%".
I used this to appeal my 60% rating and I was awarded 100%. This might be dependent upon the VA Regional office, but it's pretty easy to prove that you have an ostomy of some type (mine is an ileostomy) and that this is the only mention of that operation that appears in Title 38.
BTW - my ostomy is the best thing that has happened to me in over 20 yrs. I admit it was hard on my self image at first, but I got over that and married a great young Filipina and we are still rockin'.
Take care, Larry
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