Assisted Living Facility Question

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Assisted Living Facility Question

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Recently ASG Ostomy Association of Albuquerque (OAA) became aware of a state regulation for assisted living facilities (ALF) in New Mexico, which may limit the access of ostomates for admission. The regulation considers ostomy care as requiring a higher level of continuous 24 hour nursing care and thus, inappropriate for admission unless they are capable of self-care of their ostomies. In general people seek admission to assisted living because they need help in self-care so it is difficult to understand the regulation. OAA believes that the task of emptying a pouch is related to the tasks of toileting hygiene which is a service provided by these facilities. Depending on the training of the caregivers employed they also feel that an uncomplicated change of pouch could also be managed in an ALF facility. Problems regarding the stoma or assessment for pouching issues are the venue of medical professionals.

OAA contacted us here at United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. (UOAA) regarding this concern and we are both interested in determining if people have been refused admission to an assisted living facility and if so how big is the problem. We are appealing through this Discussion Board and other means to understand how many people this has affected. We need this information to go forward and create a plan. Please contact us by post or privately by the contact button, if you have been denied admission or anyone you know has been excluded by this regulation. Please share the location of the facility as well as the reason for the admittance denial and if it was based on a state regulation versus internal policy.

Thank you!

Jeanine Gleba
UOAA Advocacy Manager
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