Stand-Up Comedy About a Pouch

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Diane C
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Stand-Up Comedy About a Pouch

Post by Diane C »

Hi All,

A friend sent me this. Some humor... but it gets kind of raunchy and NOT about ostomies after a bit so that's a warning. But was glad to see the humor here and her educating people. Enjoy unless you don't like R-rated comedy.

Her standup debut. Featuring her ostomy

Diane C

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Re: Stand-Up Comedy About a Pouch

Post by Sinfulsot »

the video isn't the best quality, but the material is on point, ostomy and otherwise.
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Re: Stand-Up Comedy About a Pouch

Post by sharon »

This post is from quite a few years ago, but that comedy skit is hilarious!
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Re: Stand-Up Comedy About a Pouch

Post by ShawnS »

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